Virtual Talent

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Students from business schools located in Milan (although Milan is the preferred location, students from other universities in Lombardy or Northern Italy may be accepted)

CVs must be sent to Asseprim (Italian association of consulting services firms) by the end of October. The precise deadline will be communicated on the website

100 candidates are selected and they will compete in a digital environment for 5 rounds.
Players are supposed to run a consulting company.
Players have to take into account several variables such as the composition of the market, the degree of consulting project customization, the competitiveness of his offer in comparison to the market average in deciding how to use the available time and discounts.
They have to allocate resources among three different phases characterizing the process of selling a consulting project. It will be crucial to maintain a balance between short-term and long-term goals, i.e. enabling a continuous good level of revenues over time. At the beginning of each turn it will be possible for everyone to evaluate his own performance and compare them with the market average.
After compelting the 5 rounds phase, the best performing students will be selected in order to play the same game but in a team-based version.

Non-monetary prizes such as coupons or durable products for the first 3 best players of the individual competition as well as for the members of the winning university in the team-based challenge. Furthermore the 10 best performing players of the individual competition will receive career tutoring and mentoring services provided by Asseprim
Internship will be offered to the 10 best performing players by the consulting firms associated with Asseprim.

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