Reveal By L'Oréal

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REVEAL by L'Oréal is the new web 2.0 multi-site game !

The participants play the role of a management trainee who dives into an adventure with L'Oréal, discovering how every innovative product is created at L'Oréal: starting with a revolutionary molecule, ending with a finished good launched in the market.

The students will be given an exposure to 5 business fields: Research and Development, Business Development, Industry and Supply Chain, Finance & Marketing.

Thanks to this virtual reality, students will be able to have a better knowledge of themselves and their talents through tests, they will explore the world of business and career opportunities offered by L'Oréal, evaluate their fit with L'Oréal and get the chance to join the group, regardless of their geographic origin and academic background.

REVEAL by L'Oréal is open worldwide, 7/7, 24/24.

L'Oréal will contact the best participants of the game : there will be a selection of 6 international winners at the end of each cycle.

These 6 winners will be invited to Paris for 5 days have some fun all expenses paid and meet executives.

In addition to that, the players can have the opportunities to be invited in their country for a B-Revealed Event.

Playing Reveal also gives the players the occasion to be integrated in the recruitment processes for internships and jobs.

REVEAL by L'Oréal is more than just a business game…
Let's discover it:

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