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Description: (From 1st Press Release - January 2010)

On 16 and 17 July 2010 the city of Trieste in North-East Italy will welcome ITS#NINE - International Talent Support!

ITS - a project created & developed by the agency EVE - is among the most important international platforms discover and support young talents. It is a network of professionals, opinion leaders, international press, students and teachers coming from all over the world to share and evaluate the highest expressions of creativity in the fields of fashion design, accessories design and photography. Each field has its own dedicated competition: ITS#FASHION, ITS#ACCESSORIES and ITS#PHOTO.

The mission has not changed: ITS will support the new generations of talents, selected by a qualified jury at the end of April 2010, through cash prizes, special projects, dedicated window displays, magazine features, internships abroad and work opportunities.

Diesel is the main partner of ITS#FASHION since the very beginning in 2002. A new challenge for the young designers who will enrol this year: the contenders for the Diesel Award will be asked to design a proposal for an ideal Diesel Autumn/Winter 2010 collection focusing on the reinvention of the "Diesel Jacket". The Diesel Award will grant the winner a cash prize of €25,000 and a 6-month internship within the Diesel Creative Team at its HQ in Italy. It is an amazing opportunity that grants the winner the concrete possibility to enter the fashion world. The rest of the prizes are equally as attractive: Fashion Collection of the Year offers €15,000 to develop a new collection that will be presented at ITS#TEN where the winner will sit on the jury panel. There are also the €5,000 of the Fashion Special Prize, as well as the Vertice Award.

YKK is the main partner of ITS#ACCESSORIES, the fifth edition of what is still the only international competition entirely dedicated to all kinds of fashion accessories. The prizes for the selected young accessories designers include the Accessories Collection of the Year award - €5,000 to create a new collection which will be presented at ITS#TEN. The YKK Award is back and it will challenge the candidates' creativity with a completely new project, offering the winner €10,000 and a professional photo shoot.

CRYSTALLIZED™ —Swarovski Elements, the product brand for the world's finest loose crystals manufactured by Swarovski, will provide, upon request, all accessories finalists with CRYSTALLIZED™ —Swarovski Elements for their collections.

IQONS: the largest on-line fashion community in the world, supports ITS#NINE offering visibility for the event and its finalists.

ModAmont, The International Trade Fair of Trimming and Supplies for Fashion and Design, is the new supporter of ITS#ACCESSORIES and will offer the ModAmont Award, a dedicated space in the 2010 Catalogue and website for one the accessories finalists

ITS#PHOTO prepares for its sixth edition. The photography field of ITS has grown exponentially throughout the years, discovering talents who have subsequently won prizes at the World Press Photo and work for important magazines. A new project is about to be unveiled and will be supported again by Pitti Immagine and SVA - School of Visual Arts and will involve hundreds of young photographers all over the world
ITS#NINE will have an entirely re-styled website - This time the ITS team went a step further, by creating not just a concept, but a confederation: The Confederation of Fantastic Voyagers. They are a bunch of valorous pioneers whose mission is to go where no man has gone before: Astronauts who fly across space, Chrononauts capable of travelling through time and Psychonauts who dare to explore the secret landscapes of the human mind. Retrofuturistic steam-powered vehicles and devices are the arsenal of these individuals, who can blend dreams and technology into effective and unimaginable ways to extend human knowledge. Finalists at ITS#NINE will become Fantastic Voyagers. How far will they be able to take us?

If you want to get on board and experience this unmissable journey, remember that the enrolment deadline is 25 March 2010 (go to for all the details). At the end of April 2010 two prestigious juries - one for fashion & accessories design and one for photography - will select the finalists for the three fields, the "voyagers" of creativity who will fly to Trieste on 16 and 17 July 2010 to prove their talent and compete for the ITS#NINE prizes.

Patricia Milton Cosmetics, with its Intelligent Beauty Staff, will take care of the make-up.

ITS#NINE is created and organized by EVE. DIESEL is the first brand who believed in the project and is the main partner of ITS#FASHION; YKK is the main partner for ITS#ACCESSORIES; CRYSTALLIZED™ —Swarovski Elements is sponsor of the accessories field. Develon is our internet partner.

(this page contains info taken from the official website)

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