Ideas Competition 2010

Official Website:

This year’s competition, Solar Energy for Small Italian Islands, is focused on the utilisation of solar energy to generate electric and/or thermal energy.

Interested entrants are invited to submit their designs from 13 April to 6 September 2010, as reported in the Call for Entries and related Annex (posted here in Italian and English).

There are 3 different types of designs and 3 categories of participants (Students, professionals and companies)

Cash and non-cash prizes will be awarded to the winning designs of each category of entrants. The prize-awarding event will take place in Capri in October.

Moreover, GSE will offer the first prize-winners of the students’ category a 6-month internship in its Rome offices, as part of its institutional activities.

A further opportunity will be offered by ENEA, which will explore the possibility of engineering the winning idea in its research laboratories.

Finally, the Ministero dei Beni Culturali will post the winning designs on its website as examples of good practices.

(this page contains info taken from the official website)

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