Fraser Institute Student Essay Contest 2011

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The contest is open to Canadian and foreign students. A student is defined as someone who attends school in the 2010/2011 school year or is enrolled to attend in 2011/2012.
Submissions will be considered from secondary and post-secondary (undergraduate and graduate) students in all disciplines. Entry must include a typed essay of 1,000-1,500 words on the topic "Is Capitalism Dead?" (more details below).

1st Prize: $1,000
2nd Prize: $750
High school category: $500

Is Capitalism Dead?
“When global financial markets collapsed in 2008, many governments around the world responded by increasing spending in the name of “stimulating” their economies. With the world seemingly embracing Keynesian economic thought and a greater role for governments, many politicians, activists, and media commentators declared that “capitalism is dead.”
Two years after governments bailed out failing banks, auto manufacturers and other companies, they are moving to impose new restrictions and regulations on much of the world’s financial sector.
But is capitalism truly dead? Can we ignore the past success and prosperity brought about by policies of low taxation and minimal government? Does failure need to exist for the market to work? Is there a new or old economic system that is better than capitalism, or will capitalism emerge stronger than ever as economies recover from the recession?

Your essay should use historical perspective, empirical evidence, and economic analysis to examine these or other questions regarding the future of capitalism.

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