FNB UBC South Africa 2010-2011

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The FNB Universities Business Challenge South Africa is the premier business competition for university undergraduates in SA who want to develop their employability skills and have a life-changing experience. The FNB UBC is based around a world-class realistic business simulation and is a true learning experience for all those who enter.

The competition helps students develop their understanding of how businesses work, improve their decision-making skills, enhance their team-working abilities and increase their knowledge of key business areas such as marketing, finance, production and human resources.

The competition also enhances their employability skills and provides an important extra item for their CV - and you can win cash prizes.

Based around a realistic but simulated company, teams of up to five students act as a board of directors, taking decisions similar to those taken in real life – and then seeing the results in terms of profitability, customer service and share price.

Participants come from all faculties:
The Universities Business Challenge is not just for Business Studies students. Students in Economics, Engineering, Information Technology, Engineering, Law, Mathematics, Accounting, Medicine and a wide range of Arts and Sciences faculties have gained an invaluable understanding of the business world.

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