Ace Manager Third Set

Official Website:

More Info:
Just connect to the website and register now to play in this year's game, more challenging and immersive than ever.
If you have a Facebook account, it is even easier by using Facebook Connect: you will have access to many great functions including a quicker registration process, the possibility to share your activities with your friends, and much more!

This year's game offers brand new 3D environment for an even greater user experience. Here, you can play the role of a banker and test your financial knowledge while facing a variety of real world business issues!
Your mission: help Universe-City host a new major event, The 5th Grand Slam Tennis Tournament. As bankers, help your clients make the competition happen!

Once registered, you may create your own team of 3 or join an existing team.
Start now by registering at !

1st Place - 9,000 EUR
2nd Place - 3,000 EUR
3rd Place - 1,500 EUR

(this page contains info taken from the official website)

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