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By Ace Manager on 02.17.2010

Welcome to Ace Manager, The Second Set! The game is now live!

As of today and for the next four weeks, you and your team will be going to your office at Universe-City, where your adventure will begin. You will face challenges that will immerse you in the economic environment of tennis while you learn about the 3 main areas of the bank. Your mission will be to help former tennis champion John Mackenzie launch and develop his company Green Tennis, Inc!

The Ace Manager Team wishes you the best of luck and hopes to see your Team in April for the Grand Final!

A few statistics on Ace Manager Second Set's participants:
By Ace Manager on 02.22.2010

There are 8,133 players coming from 126 different nationalities around the world competing in Ace Manager, The Second Set!

Of these 8,133 registered players: 73% are male students and 27% are female students.
The most represented country is India and the most represented University is the Indian Institute of Technology (Chennai)!
Most students are of the bachelor/undergraduate level (65%) with a fair amount of graduate students (24%) and MBA students (7%).

Good luck to all of the 2,711 participating teams!

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